How Urban Organic Works

Thank you for your interest in Urban Organic! Taste, nutrition, and convenience for you and your family and there is no better way to "SAVE MONEY, SAVE TIME, SAVE THE PLANET!"

Here's how Urban Organic works: We bulk-buy our produce, groceries and dairy goods from organic farmers' cooperatives, distributors and individual farmers. We try to give our local farmers as much of our business as possible. All of our supplies are certified organic by the USDA, whose stringent standards ensure that no chemicals have been used in the production process. All of our produce and groceries are Certified Organic!

Our standard Value Box contains a variety of 14-18 different fruits and vegetables each week depending on seasonal availability. We have several different box sizes and variations (Little Box*, Original Value Box, Extra-Value Box, Juicing Box), one of which we're sure will suit your household's size and lifestyle.

You can omit certain items from your box if you like by informing us of up to 3 permanent deletions due to taste preferences or dietary restrictions, absolutely free. In addition, you can customize your order even further by making specific weekly changes within your box by substituting an item for another featured item in that weeks produce list, $1 per substitution. Otherwise, we replace a fruit for a fruit and a vegetable for a vegetable, free of charge up to 3 items.

In addition to our fruit and vegetable boxes, we also offer organic groceries, bulk produce, soy products, herbs and spices, dairy products, desserts and more! You may also choose to have an all fruit or all vegetable box for an extra charge of $5.00 per order.

The times that we are in your area are once a week from 2pm-10:30pm. Brooklyn and Manhattan residents may request to have their deliveries arrive between 2pm and 6pm or 6pm and 10:30pm. However, if you are on the upper East or upper West side of Manhattan, you may not request a different time frame. If you will be requesting these time frames you MUST indicate this in the comments section upon signing up. For our outer area customers we will be using your "If not home delivery instructions" only. After you sign up for a onetime, lifetime membership fee of $25, we'll bring you a box of fresh, organic produce each week. If you don't need the box, just call to cancel by 3pm the day before your delivery.

With each delivery, you receive a newsletter containing details about the box, helpful hints, announcements, and any other relevant (and irrelevant) information for our community of customers. We welcome your contributions.

Payment Policy: We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Debit cards. We require payment in advance, we will charge your credit card the day before your delivery after 3:00 PM. We ask for a credit card number as security and if a box is left without an agreement thereof, we automatically charge it.

Ordering Process: Our voice-mail system handles the large bulk of simple transactions such as cancellations, grocery orders, or changes so that we can do our best to humanly interact with you Monday through Friday 9am-5pm. You can also e-mail us at or utilize one of the forms located on the top menu, and one of our Customer Service Representatives will be sure to process your request. After all, technology is our friend!

Flexibility is required in matters organic fruits and vegetables are as unpredictable as Mother Nature herself, and packing is a vigorous assembly line process conducted by humans on a deadline. So, if you EVER have a problem with an order or a delivery issue, please inform us within 24-48 hours upon delivery and we will always make it up to you in your next box.

Anytime you refer us to a friend who signs up for a regular delivery, we say thank you with a complimentary box.

Box Descriptions: Our standard $34.99 Value Box contains a variety of 15-18 assorted fruits and vegetables , that change each week depending on seasonal availability. We have several different box sizes and variations (The $24.99 which excludes the items with '***', $34.99 Value Box includes everything in our weekly list, The Extra Value Box $44.99 which has the same assortment of fruits and vegetables but it has more, and a Juicing Box for $34.99 which includes Pears, Apples, Ginger, 5lbs of Carrots, Cucumber (if available), Beets and Greens.

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