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- This Section Is Solely For Our Customers Thoughts -

Urban Organic cares a great deal about their customers and we want to be positive that we are servicing you in the best way possible. Please, keep in mind that because organic produce uses no pesticides and wax the produce can sometimes look dull, but we can assure you that our produce is fresh and wouldn't leave our warehouse in any other condition.

Flexibility is required in matters organic. Fruits and vegetables are as unpredictable as Mother Nature herself, and packing is a vigorous assembly line process conducted by humans on a deadline. So, if there is something wrong with your order or delivery, please let us know. Just call our office within 24-48 hours of the time of delivery and we will make it up to you in your next order.

To be sure that we are reaching our goals we made this page for our customers thoughts, comments, and suggestions on how to better our services. Please be sure to leave us a comment.

***Please be aware that by posting a comment on here we cannot always assist you, but know that we do appreciate them and they DO NOT go unnoticed. Every comment is read. If there are any serious problems with your box or delivery please call us directly so we can quickly resolve any issues.
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