What People Are Saying About Urban Organic

Customer Comments:

"Just received my first box, and I'm very happy. Your delivery man was pleasant and the box is a perfect week's veggies. Thank you very much! " —A.H., Jackson Heights, February 2013


"My boyfriend and I want to give Urban Organic a HUGE thank you for your delivery service. We were severely affected by Superstorm Sandy and despite everything that was going on, we got our weekly delivery of food without fail. The Thursday after the storm, when supplies were limited and all the grocery stores in the area were closed, we were worried that the white van that pulled up to our property belonged to looters scoping out our property, but we were relieved to see Strokov emerge from that van. Even when we were cold and in the dark, we could count on being well fed because of you. When people were standing in the cold, waiting in long lines for food that appeared less palatable than cardboard, we were eating very well. We are thankful and grateful for all that you do. " —J.T., Rockaway Park, February 2013


"Thank you so much, we are so happy we signed up for Urban Organic—we have been telling everyone we know about it - it is so great!" —T.F., Staten Island, March 2008


"I have been receiving the small box in my home for over 6 months now. I own a small private school in Brooklyn and recently began ordering extra items to share with the students in my school. I love the freshness and convenience of your service. Parents are now asking for more information about Urban Organics. I have been referring many of them to your website. Thank you for making it so easy for me to offer healthy fruit, vegetables and dairy to my family and students. Keep up the wonderful work!" —Tameka, Brooklyn, January 2009

Raw Times

"I would like to recommend Urban Organic for Home Food Delivery in the New York Metropolitan area. Their weekly food deliveries are always fresh, organic local produce, at competitive prices. Each week brings welcome surprises and always with friendly service... They are a mixture of whatever is freshest and most abundant in each time of the year." —October, 2002

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"I'd like to give all my terribly busy friends in the New York area a weekly delivery of organic food from Urban Organic. The company buys produce, groceries and dairy goods in bulk from organic cooperatives, distributors and individual farmers and drops them off in grocery boxes at your door." —November, 2007

Give It to Me Raw

"It is really fantastic to have such reasonably priced, and green conscious service in the tristate area, nothing like the big corp competitor with its still green fruits, and piles of plastic and paper waste... I so highly recommend it! I really didn't know there could be such a huge difference in the texture and taste of a fruit when it is grown right. Help saving this planet is quite a fantastic thing after all." —December, 2007


"It's the best, most convenient and cheapest I've found yet." —September, 2006

Alive and Well

"Fortunately, it's getting easier to get organic produce. Most major supermarkets are regularly stocking some organic produce. ... For urban dwellers, organic produce delivery services are becoming more available. In the New York area, services like www.urbanorganic.com provide convenient delivery service... These types of services offer convenience and most of the time the prices are competitive or even cheaper than the supermarket." —undated


"Another up-side to Urban Organic is that you get a wide selection of produce, and your weekly order may include items you might not normally purchase at the grocery store." —February, 2007


"It was so much fun unpacking the box and trying to figure out what I could possible make with the various ingredients....If you are inspired to sign up, and I highly recommend you do, feel free to tell them we sent you... that way we get a free box." —January, 2008

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"For over a decade, the Brooklyn company Urban Organic has been offering New Yorkers a weekly delivery of certified organic fruits and veggies from organic farmers' cooperatives, distributors, and local farmers. In spite of all the johnny-come-latelys, they're still MUG's pick for reliably tasty, fresh, chemical-free produce. You get a choice of box sizes, starting at $24.99 (about a dozen items), up to the Super-Value Box ($54.99) and there's a one-time membership fee of $25. The Original Value Box, $34, contains 15-18 items ($34) and will include things like arugula, carrots, peppers, potatoes, bananas, tangerines, and pears. There's lots of seasonal variation and you can let them know if you want them to omit certain items. You can also buy a range of organic groceries. Urban Organics motto, 'save money, save time, save the planet', may sound like a stretch, at least until you take your first bite." —June, 2008


Urban Organic - Save Money, Save Time, Save the Planet!

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